Martina Klouzová Niubo

Master Of Art, Sculptor

Birds infront of city hall

2006 / sculptures / wood / size 150*170cm, 100*130 cm


This group of sculptures was created for the project of the Spacium Association. Selected authors were asked to create works of art, to be installed for one year in front of the city hall in Liberec. For this project I created a sculpture of birds that by chance landed on the plaza in front of the stairways to the city hall. My idea is based on the reality of a typical city plaza where birds walk around on the pavement picking up breadcrumbs. I made photos of the real ones and two of them I “blew up” to an absurd dimension. The birds became so popular, that they “lived” there almost two years and later were moved next the main entrance to the city Zoo (today owned by the city of Liberec)