Martina Klouzová Niubo

Master Of Art, Sculptor

A dream come true ( Little girl with balloons)

2008 / sculpture / artificial copolymer, polystyrene / height.cca 6 m


Realization of sculpture for building of New city hall in Liberec

The Sculpture “Girl with Balloons” was created on order by the New City Hall in Liberec. I wanted to create - for this multifunctional space, where people come to deal with official business - something that would contrast to these necessary but boring matters. My first idea was to create an angel elated over petty troubles. Soon this angel became a little girl who flew up with her balloons. I remember how much I wanted to fly up and follow my balloons as a child. I also had many other dreams. Some of them are not important anymore, some of them are reality now, and some of them (I hope) will come true in the future. We have to follow our dreams and not allow ourselves to get beaten down by banal troubles. And this is the main idea I want to remind people of who come to visit the city hall building. I hope that my sculpture will help them to think about the dreams they had as a children, and to recognize what they have done to realize them.